Managed Team

Want to start asap with a development team without managing it yourself?



Start developing your project without investing time and efforts in the requirements and team management. Your Managed Team takes the most time-consuming tasks off your hands and enhances your productivity. We get things done on schedule while you maintain control.



You experience shortage of in-house staff to start the PoC or MVP development

Different Requirements

Your business requires new product development, but at the same time you need a core product support

ramp up the team

You need to ramp up the team quickly, but you don’t want to manage hiring, and other HR processes


Shortes Time To Market

Zero-Billing Guarantee

Improved Quality

Transparent Billing

Monthly Rolling Contracts

Endless Possibilities

Creativity & Innovation

Ability to improvise overgoing changes

Guaranteed SLAs

technical and non-technical

Best fits both technical and non-technical businesses, who possess vast management resources and staff, as well as all kinds of agile-based software projects.

in-house team

It’s like having an in-house team, however with significantly lower expenses and maintenance costs and without the necessity to search for talents.

avoid wasted time

No need for deep involvement inside all possible technical aspects of the project. And extra attention may be oriented on numerous other aspects of business.


fantastic opportunity

All who are involved get a fantastic opportunity to learn of your demands, expectations and business requirements, thus workflow is constantly improved.

fully aware

Your project concept has to be predefined to people responsible for development, meaning you must be fully aware on where you wish to be headed before start.

What and When

You can define and determine actual priorities of value to your business and your end-goals, meaning you will decide on what needs to be done and when.

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