ITPharaohs develops efficient, scalable solutions for industrial and manufacturing companies. We will guide you through the software creation journey: from architecture design to development to deployment.


ITPharaohs manufacturing software development services are designed in a way so that they aid businesses to bring down costs and to speed up existing processes for the fulfillment of new opportunities. Our software systems provide enhanced performance and competitiveness to the end-customers of our clients.

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We build custom software solutions for manufacturing organizations. We create enterprise mobility apps that improve the operational agility of the industrial companies. ITPharaohs engineers are also experts in application integration services for enterprises. Our teams upgrade legacy infrastructures and refactor monolith platforms into efficient cloud-based microservices.


Manufacturing industry is the driving force of global economy. From automobiles to food and beverages and sneakers to smartphones, every manufacturing business contributes exceedingly in up scaling of the economy. The dynamic trading system has intimidated the manufacturers across globe to produce qualitative goods, on schedule, in a profit-rendering manner.

As a tech expert, ITPharaohs meets all the technology related needs of such businesses and help them to serve their customers better. Are you looking for a Software Development Partner?

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ITPharaohs helps Manufacturing Companies with it’s innovative solutions for cost reductions, margin improvement and transforming their existing operations to cope up with the rapidly changing market trends.

Real-Time ResultsSoftware solutions enables the management to make right decisions at right instances by providing real-time visibility into release readiness, ensuring high quality of deliverables

Process-Controlled DevelopmentPromotes full traceability and process-controlled development, thus simplifying compliance and improvising the quality of product and process. It acts as a single source of truth across engineering disciplines and process domains

Simplifying CollaborationSolutions rendered by ITPharaohs simplifies the collaboration process among designers and developers and suppliers and OEMs across engineering disciplines, removing the barriers and propagating innovation across the development ecosystem


Software design, development, and deployment

Embedded systems and low-level programming

Enterprise mobility solutions

Cloud-native applications

Data management solutions

Internet of Things technologies

Advanced data analytics

Post-implementation support

Process improvement & application maintenance


Dedicated development teams

We see cooperation with our clients as a fusion of your ideas and our technical expertise. ITPharaohs bespoke development teams successfully collaborate with several manufacturing companies.

Excellence with embedded solutions

Dedicated ITPharaohs engineering teams have extensive knowledge of embedded programming.

Focus on continuous innovation

Our R&D center in EGYPT are up to date with the latest industry innovations such as advanced data analytics, the Internet of Things, real-time signal processing, and more.

Сultural proximity & domain knowledge

Being a MENA solutions provider, we share common cultural traits and business values with our North African and Middle East manufacturing clients.

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