Media & Entertainment

We develop advanced tech solutions for media & entertainment companies. Our projects range from complex media portals and video streaming services to custom virtual reality experiences and online multiplayer games.

Media & Entertainment

Unlock the world of exposure by choosing a core Media and Entertainment app development company. We at ITPharaohs offer gaming application development, media app development, digital SCM, ERP /CRM solutions, Salesforce automation and many more for media and entertainment industry.

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We provide cutting-edge software solutions for publishing houses, independent software vendors, digital agencies, media companies, and game producers. We cover software development and maintenance helping our clients focus entirely on excellent content, new thrilling ideas, and better user engagement.


Researchers say that the media & entertainment industry will foresee a growth rate of 5.7 % in the upcoming years. The estimated revenue over the next 5 years sums up to 2.1 trillion. Media products such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube and online games like Pokemon Go or Farmville have proved to be successful business avenues for companies. The drastic change in the perspective of online consumer is quite evident and enterprises can acquire their market share only by harnessing the power of technology.

As a tech expert, ITPharaohs meets all the technology related needs of such businesses and help them to serve their customers better. Are you looking for a Software Development Partner?

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ITPharaohs helps Media & Entertainment companies with its innovative solutions for cost reductions, margin improvement and transforming their existing operations to cope up with the rapidly changing market trends.

Multi-Channel ApproachAt ITPharaohs, we offer media solutions that have a multi-channel approach. We are focusing on enhancing customer experience and creating new revenue-generating ventures with our broad-spectrum solutions

Process OptimizationAs Media & Entertainment industries are required to cater to millions of customers across globe, ITPharaohs offers round-the-clock support and optimization services that elevate revenue and enhance customer satisfaction

Simplifying CollaborationSolutions rendered by ITPharaohs simplifies the collaboration process amongst designers, engineers, suppliers, and OEMs across engineering disciplines, removing the barriers and propagating innovation across the development ecosystem.


Software development for media and entertainment

Online media platforms & digital media apps

Content aggregation and processing software

Digital content streaming solutions

Games for mobile/PC/consoles

Custom VR solutions


Scalable web-platforms

Our engineers create scalable web solutions for large media companies in Europe , Gulf Area and beyond. We have experts that work with all key web technologies such as .Net MVC core, HTML5, and JavaScript libraries (AngularJS, React, and more).

Excellence in immersive technologies

ITPharaohs is one of the leading software development companies in MENA when it comes to VR. We specialize in VR/AR solutions and have vast experience with building convincing immersive environments.

Bespoke development teams

We are a trusted development partner for media and entertainment companies. ITPharaohs promptly assembles dedicated development teams that become natural extensions of the client teams.

Proficiency with microservices

ITPharaohs experts design and build custom platforms based on microservices architecture. We ensure smooth system operation, easy integration of new features and system maintenance.

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